Required School Reading

Since I was in 2nd grade we’ve had books that we had to read for class. Sometimes we read them in class together, other times we read silently in class and did worksheets, and as I got older we were in charge of getting the books read with a variety of assignments to go with them. What I want to know is who picks these books. At least when I wasn in elementary school I mostly enjoyed the books we had to read, but as the years have gone on the books have gotten worse and worse. In my 9th grade year I had to read upward of five books, and they were almost all depressing. This year I’ve had to read a book about the cival war in Sudan, a very confusing book about a murder where we already knew the outcome, Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and now we’re reading “Of Mice and Men”. I myself have never seen the point in having to read these books. Yes, I understand that some of these books are classics, but most of them are also very sad and not something a teenager would be interested in, so why make us read them? I have in intention of majoring in anything that will require me to know anything about any of these books. I can’t help but wonder if the people that make us read these books have read them themselves.

Think about it!

Required School Reading

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