Magic Tuesdays

Tuesdays are the magic day if you’re a book lover or a movie lover. All new books and DVDs come out on Tuesdays and if you go to the right store they should all be in stock. Why is it Tuesday though? Why not Monday or Sunday? The one thing I don’t get is WHY TUESDAY!? If I were in charge of publishing a book I would want the release date to be on a Friday or a Saturday. So many people are out and about on those days that it seems like the perfect time to release a new item onto the market. The cinemas have it down, they release movies on Friday, so that all the hard working people can go to opening night. They depend on that opening night to set the rest of the feel for how well the movie will do in the market and how long they should keep it out. But with books and new DVDs it’s always Tuesday. Do you have any idea what it’s Tuesday?

Magic Tuesdays

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